Newsflash: citrus is good for you.

No need to be salty.

Swapping out salt for lemons adds all the flavour with way less sodium.

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Who needs candles?

The smell of citrus can zen
you wayyy out.

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Cara Caras: So impressive.
Vitamins. Nutrients. Antioxidants. This orange has it going on.

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Alright, grapefruit. Turns out,
they’re not just good for diets.

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So well-rounded.
Let’s just cover everything else citrus can do, shall we.

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Sometimes, you need to clean. Citrus gets it.

What can’t lemons do?
Seriously, though. They can pretty much spruce up anything.

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Later, chemicals. Three natural cleaning solutions that anyone can make from scratch. Promise.

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Get that glow. But first, get that citrus and DIY it up.

Lemon Almond Scrub. Have more Pinterest fails than wins? This exfoliator is right up your alley.

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Grapefruit Scrub. Now that you’re riding the DIY train, why not give your hands a little love, too?

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