Clementine & W. Murcott Mandarin

Most well-known of the mandarin family. They are sweet and juicy, seedless. Clementines are available November through January, and W. Murcott mandarins are available mid-October through mid-May.

Royal Mandarin

Have some seeds and a robust, spicy-sweet flavour. Their red-orange, slightly rough skin is easy to peel. Available in January.

Gold Nugget Variety Mandarin

Named for their beautiful, bright and bumpy rind. Their bright, sparkling orange interior is exceptionally sweet. Available mid-february through May.

Seasonal Availability

Navel Orange
Valencia Orange
Cara Cara Navel Orange
Blood Orange
Eureka & Lisbon Lemon
Meyer Lemon
Pink Variegated Lemon
Persian Lime
Key Lime
Finger Lime
Red, Pink and White Grapefruit
Melo Gold grapefruit
Oro Blanco grapefruit
Tangerines & Tangelos
Minneola tangelo
Orlando tangelo
Ojai Pixie tangerine
Fairchild tangerine
Clementine & W. Murcott mandarin
Royal mandarin
Gold Nugget Variety mandarin